How to Make Money Selling Drone Photos and Videos

Are you looking for a way to make money with your drone? With a drone photography license, you can use your drone to earn money. You can take aerial photos at weddings and events, create images for residential and commercial real estate, and sell your photos and videos as stock images. You can expand your photography business and increase sales for your customers. But how do you make money flying drones easily and effortlessly? You can take photos of buildings and monuments and try to sell them to the owners or go out and promote yourself among builders and architects.

Architects often like aerial photographs of their works for their own portfolios. Aerial photographs are quite impressive and are sought after by event planners, art collectors and by a variety of industries and businesses. Some places legally require pilot training for any photographer who wants to earn money with their drone photographs. When it comes to selling your drone images, quality is key.

Nobody will buy blurry images that look like they were taken with a cheap drone or by an inexperienced photographer. Take a look at several stock photography sites, as some offer cheap photographs and don't pay very well. Shutterstock is another popular stock website where you can sell your drone images, and they have an affiliate program that pays up to 30% commission on sales. Drones have become so accessible and affordable that almost anyone can afford to take aerial photographs today.

If you plan everything in advance and follow industry standards, it will be much easier for you to sell the images you capture. Gettyimages is one of the most used stock websites in the world and a good option for new sellers. When you're out during a contract, try taking some photos for yourself and then editing them and selling them as stock. The intention of the flight was not “commercial” in nature, so there's no problem if you take some of those photos or videos of those flights and sell them.

If you want to do a business with your drone photography, you have to treat it as such, as a business. There are numerous stock websites where you can easily sell your drone images at a good price; these websites will help you show your photos and videos to potential customers online. With the right equipment, knowledge, and dedication, you can make money selling drone photos and videos.

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