Unlock the Possibilities of Drone Photography

Drones are revolutionizing the way photographers capture images, offering new aerial perspectives, improving the visual experience and providing access to points of view that were previously impossible. Camera cranes, fixed cameras and camera tracks have physical limitations, but drones can replace ground-based equipment such as jibs, rolling platforms and even Russian cranes and weapons to capture gunfire. Filmmakers are increasingly turning to drones for aerial photography and special effects. Drones can simulate views from any type of aircraft or creature, from spaceships to superheroes.

They can take off, land, float and crash, making them ideal for shooting documentaries.

Drone photography

can be used for a variety of purposes, from marketing a property to 3D mapping and more. Customers using CS3's domestic drone photography services come in all shapes and sizes. From universities and college campuses to apartment complexes, luxury hotels and even cemeteries, our pilot projects have been used in all 50 states.

Long-exposure photography is an often overlooked tactic that drone photographers can use to add an artistic touch that will impress clients. In short, long-exposure photography is the practice of taking photographs using longer exposure times than necessary to capture a properly exposed photo. Exposure time is the time during which the digital sensor inside the camera is exposed to light, including when the shutter of the camera is open when taking a picture. Long-exposure photography is perfect for many of the subjects that photographers typically photograph with drones, including landscapes, architecture and bodies of water.

Those who use a GoPro camera for their aerial photography have a few advantages when using GoPro Studio. CS3 is taking drone photography nationwide, making it easier for anyone to capture their property from above. This method gives the photographer enough control of the situation to get a good result while also taking advantage of some of the drone's automated features that can help eliminate human error. California state law prohibits flying a drone to film or photograph a person who participates in a private, personal or family activity without permission.

If your property is next to a stream or near a city landmark, aerial photography can give viewers a lot of information about your location with a single image. You may be tempted to build your drone photography system around your current camera and lenses, but consider the size and cost of a drone large and powerful enough to lift a relatively heavy DSLR before doing so. Drones can also enter areas that are not safe for human photographers, such as live volcanoes and tornados. The reason why fisheye distortion occurs in drone photography is because the field of view of the lens is wider than the size of the image sensor.

The ability to place a high-quality camera in the sky and capture stunning aerial photographs of the landscape below is extremely appealing, and the results can be out of this world. The submission of this request indicates your agreement to follow and abide by the policies and procedures and the Code of Ethics for Professional Photographers of the United States. Aerial photography is not only great for showing local geographical points of interest but also for displaying amenities and features of your property all at once. For example, wedding photographers often run around trying to get the best angle. Ordering a photo session with a drone is relatively simple but there are still some things to consider before you make your purchase.

In the past, taking photographs of wildlife involved significant risk; some photographers even died from getting too close to wild animals. Drones marketed as beginner drones or cheap drones usually have fixed cameras but serious photography requires a drone with a gimbal.

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