How to Capture High Quality Photos with a Drone

If you're looking to capture high quality photos with your drone, recording RAW files is essential. Unlike JPEG files, RAW files contain more information about color and exposure, allowing you to make corrections to aspects such as vignetting and distortion. When taking pictures, it's important to avoid motion blur by not taking pictures as the drone moves away from the subject. Vertical panoramas are a great way to get higher resolution images than the drone is capable of capturing natively.

Unfortunately, most drones can only take pictures in horizontal format. However, with the help of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, you can easily create portrait images from vertical panoramas. The raw DNG images on DJI drones are sharper and offer more configuration options for refining your images. When shooting aerial video clips, it's best to fly in Attitude mode (ATTI mode).

Additionally, it's important to check the wind conditions and consult a smartphone application such as Drone Assist to ensure that it is safe and legal to fly in the chosen location. Balancing the exposure between the darkest ground and the brightest sky is also key when recording photos with a drone.

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