What Lens Should I Use for Drone Photography?

When it comes to drone photography, the type of lens you use can make a huge difference in the quality of your images. You can get a lens with a focal length of up to 25 mm, but longer lenses can be too heavy for the gimbal and cause damage. There are many types of lens filters available, but only some are commonly used for landscape photography. Camera filters are usually classified by how they attach to the lens or the effect they give to the image.

Experiment with different lens filters at different times of day to find the ones that best suit your aerial photography. Videos with great explanations and examples of using camera lens filters for landscape photography are also available. If you have a cropped body, a lens with a zoom range of 15-70 mm or similar will give you the same field of view. Macro lens filters for close-ups let you take detailed macro photos of small objects like insects, coins, flowers, etc. I usually work in the 24-50 mm range of the lens, but sometimes I zoom in to 105 mm. To wrap up this post, here is an excellent video with great practical examples of using various lens filters for landscape photography.

Anything shorter than a 35 mm lens on a 35 mm camera or a 24 mm lens on a DSLR will include the wing struts or landing gear of the aircraft. No matter what, it's important to remember that camera lens filters change how the camera sees the scene. When you create amazing photos and videos with different types of drone lens filters, you can enter some great aerial photography contests. If you have multiple lenses of different sizes, these types of filters can end up being quite expensive. If you're thinking about using a specific camera with a specific focal length, it's also important to check if your drone's mission planning tool is compatible with that camera and focal length so you can plan your flight.

This type of camera lens filter alters the color temperature of the scene, which can be used to add warmth to an overcast landscape or correct an unnatural color tint.

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