The Benefits of Drone Photography for Real Estate Agents

Drones with high-resolution 4K cameras can provide cinematic and expansive images and videos of the interior and exterior areas of a property from multiple angles.

Aerial drone photography

can truly capture and sell the atmosphere of a property and allow buyers to visualize the lifestyle offered by the advertisement. In almost every case, the benefits of drone photography will be more than worth it. Even if you're an independent real estate agent, you can use drone photography to sell properties faster (and even potentially at a higher selling price).

Thanks to their size, drones can fly to areas that weren't possible before. They can fly from a few inches above the ground to more than 300 feet in the air, allowing for long and continuous shots that capture panoramic views and frame chosen subjects, such as buildings. What's more, the drone gives the operator full control over the shot, allowing them to move from left to right or turn in the same place. If your property is close to an airport, the drone pilot must remain less than 400 feet above the ground or, in some cases, request authorization to fly.

With technological innovations, drones can record in high definition and capture incredible aerial images with a resolution of 4K or higher, without sacrificing quality. These photos can be used in digital marketing materials, from website galleries to social networks and more. Most drone pilots will include this step as part of their services and must notify you if your property is within a no-fly zone. The use of drones for aerial photography is peaceful, meaning they can be used near animals and in places where manned aircrafts cannot go.

There are drones on the market with a range of 8 miles, so it's possible to get a panoramic view of many local properties without leaving home. Drones are now used to take photos and videos from above with high-quality images that cannot be captured from ground level. Drone photography can be used in a variety of ways, from marketing your property to 3D mapping and everything in between. Ordering a photo session with a drone is quite simple, but there are still a few things to consider before you pull the trigger.

By operating at a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft and eliminating enormous fuel costs, the use of drones has allowed many companies and projects where aerial photography would have been prohibitively expensive before to access the benefits they can offer. Real estate agents are increasingly using drone photography for their ads, ensuring that their ad looks just as good as those using manned aircrafts. They also present their work using drone images, offering potential customers a different view and generating 3D maps.

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